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About the Site

I’ve mentioned in multiple places that Final Fantasy XII is my favorite game of all time. The biggest reason I treasure FFXII so much is because of its gameplay. I never have as much fun with a game as I do when I’m playing FFXII. It’s the game I pick up and restart whenever I need a pick-me-up. It’s my comfort zone game, and whenever I start a new playthrough I get that warm fuzzy feeling of coming home.

I feel like every other page on this site oozes with my feelings on FFXII, so I’ll try and be brief here. While I do have some issues with the way the game is written and some of the characters, I do really love the political story; I love complex political dramas. (See also: FFT.) I also really, really love Ashe and her story. Like I said above, though, what really makes FFXII my favorite is the gameplay. I love everything about it, and the fact that IZJS took everything and made it better is still amazing to me.

As for any other details, go read through the site. Every page talks about how I feel about the different aspects of the game, which was my main philosophy when I built this site. You can find plenty of information online about the game, so I wanted to make a site that was opinionated while still being informative. I’d like to think I succeeded.

I started building this site in December 2014, and opened it in April 2015. Without a doubt this was the most involved site I've ever built; it honestly took several straight months of work. I had put it off for several years because I knew that what I had in mind was going to be immense, and sure enough...! I'm glad it's finally done, though, I'm proud of the result.

My endless thanks go to Janice of lenne.nu, who asked if I was interested in adopting the FFXII fanlisting while I was in the process of building this site. I will always, always be grateful to her for the opportunity, and for letting me babble at her all the time. All my love.

About the Name

I came up with a couple of names early into the process of building this site, but didn’t settle on one until I was nearly finished. I suppose it just needed time to grow on me. “Winds of Change” is a name for a song on the FFXII OST; in some tracklistings it’s called “Signs of Change,” but I liked “Winds” because, to paraphrase the lovely Janice, a FFXII site should have a sky theme.

Ultimately I picked it because the events in FFXII depict a very tumultuous time in the history of Ivalice. The war between Archadia and Nabradia brings great change, and just as the winds start to settle, the events of the game happen, and things start up again. It’s a name with a lot of imagery, which I liked a lot.