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In this section, you'll find an enormous selection of screencaps from Final Fantasy XII. These all come from the IZJS version of the game, and are 1920 by 1080 and fully HD — everything is upscaled from the PS2's native resolution.

These screencaps cover every single FMV and cutscene from the main story, along with most of the optional ones. You'll find everything below.

Usage policy: Feel free to use these screencaps for whatever you want — graphics, icons, what have you. I only ask one thing: link other people here! Let people know about it so they know where to find screencaps. Just a text link is enough, but you can grab a button over here.

Fair warning: there are spoilers in these galleries.

FMV Gallery

Screencaps from the full motion videos.


Cutscene Gallery

Every single cutscene from the main story.



Various screencaps from gameplay.