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In this section, you’ll find general gameplay tips as well as an indepth guide for every single area in the game. The first section discusses general tips for the different versions of FFXII.

Gameplay Tips: Original

General gameplay tips for playing the original version of FFXII.


Gameplay Tips: IZJS/TZA

General gameplay tips for playing the IZJS and TZA versions of FFXII.


Party Building in IZJS/TZA

A guide on picking jobs for an IZJS or TZA playthrough.


Game Locations

In these sections, you’ll find information about each and every location that you can visit in the game. While there are no treasure or enemy lists — you’re better off visiting GameFAQs for a walkthrough — you’ll find specific gameplay tips about each area that will help you get the best out of your game. In other words, I’ve played this game five times and have a lot of advice to give. (I’m also very welcome to more tips! Feel free to contact me.)

Most of these tips do assume that you’re already following the general advice given above. While these sections were written during an IZJS playthrough, they apply to all versions of the game.

The Zodiac Age Because TZA is a remaster of IZJS, and not the original game, most of the information in the pages below should be accurate to both IZJS and TZA. I'll go through and make any necessary changes after I've played TZA myself.

You’ll also find excerpts from the game’s Sage Knowledge entries, which you receive by beating a certain number of various enemies. These entries offer a fascinating insight into the history and background of each area.

If you’re not sure what these locations are from looking at the list, don’t worry! This section is more or less ordered by how the areas appear in the game, with some exceptions. You can read them in order or click around as you like.

There are a few spoilers in this section, but they’re more to do with gameplay than plot — e.g. there are things like “this sidequest is unlocked after you finish the plot point in this area.” There are no major plot spoilers in this section, but if you don’t want to be spoiled at all, don’t read the Sage Knowledge entries, and only stick to the first couple of sections.

Dalmasca Region

Areas in and surrounding the city of Rabanastre.



The skycity of Bhujerba and the Lhusu Mines.


Jagd Yensa

The sandsea, Raithwall's Tomb, and Zertinan Caverns.


Bancour Region

Ozmone Plains, Jahara, and the Henne Mines.


Jagd Difohr

Golmore Jungle, the Feywood, and the lost city of Giruvegan.


Jagd Ramooda

The Paramina Rift, Mt. Bur-Omisace, and the Stilshrine.


Nabradia Region

The Highwaste, Salikawood, the Necrohol, and the Deadlands.


Archadia Region

The rolling plains of the Archadian Empire and its capital Archades.


Jagd Naldoa

A tower on distant shore: the Pharos at Ridorana.