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Al-Cid render Name: Al-Cid Margrace
Japanese name: アルシド・マルガラス
Age: 27
Race: Hume
Seiyuu: Norio Wakamoto
Voice Actor: David Rasner

Al-Cid is a Rozarrian, and the only one to appear in the game at that. He is a member of House Margrace, which rules the Rozarrian Empire; it’s not elaborated on within the game, but I imagine it’s not unlike Archadia’s House Solidor. In this sense Al-Cid is not necessarily the heir apparent of the Rozarrian empire, but simply an important person in the government, and apparently the only person interested in stopping a war between his empire and Archadia.

That’s his role in the game, really: to be the representative of Rozarria. He shows up at Mt. Bur-Omisace with the intent to help stop the war between Rozarria and Archadia, but no such luck. Al-Cid informs everyone that the Emperor of Archadia is dead, and as a result, the plan to restore Ashe to her throne is moot. (Side note: how he knows this has happened is not really clear, given that it’s implied to have just happened, and on the other side of the world at that. He’s also very well informed on the state of the Archadian military. Rozarria must have an excellent spy network; Al-Cid does frequently mention his "birds.")

In any case, Ashe heads off to the Stilshrine of Miriam to get the Sword of Kings so that she can destroy nethicite. While she’s gone, Judge Bergan shows up to retrieve Larsa, and slays the Gran Kiltias and wounds Al-Cid in the process. Al-Cid urges Ashe to return with him to Rozarria to help keep them from attacking, but of course Ashe has none of it: she has nethicite to destroy and revenge to fulfill. Personally I think a trip to Rozarria would have made more diplomatic sense, but this is Final Fantasy and when you go on a sidequest for a sword by golly you’re gonna use it in the plot somehow.

Anyway, this leaves Al-Cid to go back and try and stave off war himself, to no great success. Following the events at the Pharos, the party meets Al-Cid in Balfonheim, where he tells them that yeah, that whole no-war thing isn’t gonna work out; Rozarria has joined up with Ondore and the Resistance. Sorry, but you’re gonna have to stop Vayne yourself. Al-Cid leaves, though not without giving Ashe a rather suggestive proposal to come visit him in Rozarria one day.


You know, for a character who appears in all of three scenes, Al-Cid leaves one hell of an impact. Which is a credit to both the voice acting and the character design, I think, and also the writing. He could have been a one-note NPC, but instead there’s a lot of life to what otherwise would be a very straightforward character.

I don’t really have anything else to say about Al-Cid other than that Al-Cid is great. Have a picture of Al-Cid.