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Hello! Welcome to Winds of Change, a fansite for the game Final Fantasy XII developed by Square Enix. First released in 2006 on the PS2, it has returned in 2017 as The Zodiac Age, remastered for the PS4.

Set in the realm of Ivalice and featuring a huge world to explore, FFXII tells the story of a small group of resistance fighters, street urchins, and sky pirates, who end up caught in a fight between two empires. Don’t know anything about the game? Head over to the spoiler-free introduction, where you can learn more.

Are you in search of weapon stats, item lists, and monster weaknesses? Head over to the links page to find other websites that focus on those things. This website was built with a personal focus as its guiding principle, and features indepth, detailed information on FFXII with that in mind. In the cast section, you’ll find a rundown of every major character in the game and my take on them, and over in the gameplay section there’s a complete breakdown of every single area in the game and how you should approach it, based on my own numerous playthroughs.

If you’re here for media, you’re in the right place! The gallery features over 7000 HD screencaps in 1080p of every FMV and cutscene from the game.

Already a fan of FFXII? Drop by the fanlisting and join the list of fans! Adopted from the wonderful Janice!

You can learn more about the site over here, and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a message in the guestbook. Thanks for visiting!

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