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I know what you're probably thinking — there can't possibly be anything more to add here, is there? For the most part you're correct. I do consider this site to be mostly complete, it's just that there were a few things I couldn't get to while working on it that I'd like to come back and add in the future.

  • Finish the gameplay section.
    So here's the thing. I did complete my most recent playthrough in that I beat the game, beat the final boss, all that jazz, and the gameplay section reflects that. What I didn't do was finish all the sidequests — I only did about half of them. FFXII is a 100-hour game with all of the sidequests and I only had time for about 60 hours, so that's what I did. I still need to get the rest of the Espers, finish the hunt missions, wrap up the rest of the sidequests, actually visit the Subterra, and so forth and so on. I've got a save for it, I just need to do it.
  • Finish the optional cutscenes gallery.
    Related to the previous one; I need to play through them so I can screencap them. (The thumbnail for this section is painfully relevant: I went to fight Exodus and found I couldn't beat him at the time. So I have screencaps of approaching him... but no defeat. Ouch.)
  • Compare/contrast FFXII with Tactics and Vagrant Story.
    This is something I actually really wanted to do before publishing the site, but it just wasn't possible. I haven't played FFT since about 2010, and it's too complicated of a game for me to really get all of the intricacies of the plot back down without actually replaying the game. I did start a VS replay last year, but I ragequit in a time trial, as you do. I'll probably go back to VS first, since it's much shorter.
  • Add concept art gallery to the media section.
    I was going to do this, honestly. Then I realized I had 7000 caps to sort, rename, and put in galleries, so I decided to put this one off. I'll get to it later.
  • Add a section on the Espers.
    This honestly just slipped my mind until I was halfway through uploading the content. Oops. I did talk about all the ones I got around to fighting in the gameplay section, but I'd like to discuss them in the primer as well. The FFXII Espers have a lot of interesting connections to the other FF games and it'd be fun to talk about.